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Ticom Wearables

Premium classic smart wearable devices

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Scandinavian design. Classic high tech.

Our new series of hybrid smart watches for those who want the classic look af an analogue high quality timepiece, with user friendly smart watch capabilities.

Look Sharper, Be Smarter, 
With Our Wearable Products.

Our wearables are designed for the timeless evergreen classic look. With a touch of Scandinavian design. As seasoned instrument makers, our team have got a long history of radio innovation, our wearables are designed to be more energy efficient. And last longer.

Premium Materials, User Friendly Interface

Our product pipe line contains materials such as 3D printed titanium, stainless steel, gold, high quality leather, recycled eco friendly “leather”.

User interface is designed to be smart and easy to use.

Traveling, Without Moving? Not Anymore.

Our wearables will always look the part. And be the part. As the river runs and the water flows, we are in constant flow to make sure that You are in sync with the world. Wherever, whenever.

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